Blairgowrie and District Next Steps







Black Crag for some real abseiling and proper climbing sessions.  None of these are hard and the taster ones at Drimmie are an easy introduction to being on the end of a rope, from safeguarding on a slope to full on abseiling.  Including loads of other tips.  I can do another Drimmie if there is enough interest.  There are other places to go to.  These sessions are great for developing confidence in the more challenging and exposed locations.  I need 3 or 4 as a minimum, and can easily handle up to 6 and even more if necessary ( I have 10 harnesses available).  Also initial training can be done on my mobile wall, where you can learn the techniques and skills away from the public and over shorter and less exposed distances.



On our climbing and abseiling days you will need to be dressed appropriately for the weather.  Boots for the walk-in are useful, but for the activity trainers are probably more useful to wear.  You will be wearing a tight waist harness and using ropes so any body piercings and jewellery should be removed.  Personal first aid kits, sit-mats, packed  lunches, drinks and snacks are recommended.  This activity may be cancelled or deferred at the last minute in the event of inclement weather such as high winds and rain.


For climbing sessions, you will need packed lunches, a belay jacket as there is a lot of hanging (not literally) around, appropriate weather wear, trainers or similar are fine for climbing in.  These activities may be cancelled or deferred at the last minute in the event of inclement weather such as high winds and rain.


As this is less strenuous than walking a warm belay jacket is also useful, as will be gloves.  A pair of tough gardening style leather gloves are useful when handling ropes, especially anything that involves running a rope through your hands.


Helmets, harnesses, ropes and other equipment are supplied.


There are commonly used specialist climbing knots that can usefully be practised, especially a rethreaded figure of 8.  Others of importance are: bowline, overhand, stopper, clove hitch, Italian or Munter Hitch.  An Alpine Butterfly may be used if we are practising walking roped up.