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Some interesting and intriguing photographs 2018

Nick Cole (except where stated)

   Wood Tiger (parasemia plantaginis) on East Lomond.   21/6/19

   A sunbow, on Dunsinane Hill.   17/5/18

   A common lizard (Lacerta Zootoca vivipara - the vivipara means it gives birth to live young not this one though as it is probably a male) sunning itself on the track, right where it would get run over or trodden on.  Rescued and put on a less warm patch of sunny grass.  It looks as though it has had to re-grow its tail at some time.   8/5/18

   A squirrel's drey in Glen Mark.   3/5/18

   A male adder (OE nadder), in upper Glen Mark.  Waiting for some even more interesting ones from Hanne!   3/5/18

   So that those at the back could see an adder for themselves, some didn't realise they were that big!  This was only a male, females are bigger.   3/5/18   Pictures of Nick's hand and snake by Hanne.

  A fog of water vapour being blown off the evaporating snow on Mildewan Hill.   17/4/18

   Mating toads in Glen Moulzie.   12/4/18

   Possibly inonotus radiatus.  A form of hymenochaetaceae.  Rare, inedible, and sporulates in late summer and autumn.  Though may be not!   Craig Vinean Forest.   5/4/18










   Pine marten.   18/1/18

   Another pine marten.   18/1/18

  A buzzard looking for scraps.   18/1/18

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