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Some interesting and intriguing photographs 2017

Nick Cole (except where stated)

   Not a fox moth, but an oak eggar moth (lasiocampa quercus).   In Glen Derby.   6/7/17

   A red grouse chick waiting silently by the path, after it's sibling had flown off, no parents around!   20/6/17

   A curlew chick not fully fledged had managed to jump a fence and couldn't get back.  Rescued, and then told off by mum!   15/6/17  Pat Lumsden

   Our very own dung beetle!  A Dor beetle (Geotrupes stercorarius) rolling some dung which its larvae eat, usually underground, so trying this on a hard path is not very sensible!   The green beetles we saw were Green Tiger Beetles (Cicindela campestris).   15/06/17

   Guelder Rose (Viburnum opulus).  On the River (Abhainn) Lednock path network.   8/6/17

   A Great Tit feeding young in Loch Ore Country Park.   (Video via Album Links page) 25/5/17

   Clearing the minibus out over the weekend, and I found a mouse had taken residence some time in the last few months!   21/2/17

   Oh yes, snow, and bog, and water, and tussocks, and holes....   14/2/17   Mike Brunton

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