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Moderate Walks (Thursdays) 2018



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Nick Cole (except where stated)

   In the woods by Inchewan Burn, and lots of squirrel feeding debris.   15/3/18

   An overgrown steading with interesting walls in the woods!   15/3/18

   On the way up Badandun Hill, view to the south east.   8/3/18

   Auchintaple Loch.   8/3/18

   On the summit.   8/3/18

   One of the several herds of fallow deer we saw, though this one may have run round the hill as there was another 'white' on later on.   22/2/18

   Elevenses at Seefar Wood.   22/2/18

   The unmapped highest lochan on Alyth Hill, and the ice wasn't strong enough to jump on!   15/2/18

   The summit of Alyth Hill, the foothill at the start of the Grampians.   15/2/18

   Badger track.  My boot is 10cm wide.   15/2/18

   Fornethy House (built for the Coats family in 1896(?), though the roan hoppers are dated 1915.   Converted to a school in the 1950s, closed during the 80s.  Some children's memories of it are less than enchanting!   1/2/18  

   Balduff Hill on left (where we were last week).   1/2/18

   Craiglea Hill.   1/2/18

   Ardormie Hill, after we had visited Hilton and Balduff Hills.   25/1/18

   Not the walk, but afterwards!   25/1/18

   A cold, yet sunny and hot day!  Glen Taitney.   18/1/18

  Trusta.   4/1/18

  On the Old Man.   4/1/18


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