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Advanced (Tuesday) Walks 2018


Please ensure you are fully equipped as per our recommendations, particularly during winter season.  All the walks are timed based on normal walking conditions.  Walking times during winter can be significantly longer, so please do not plan anything in the expectation of getting back at the published time.  You should not bring new and untested/unused equipment with you, especially at this time of year.  Practise in the comfort of your home first.  Adjusting and fitting gear on a hill side in a storm is not a good idea and also takes a lot of time.


All winter walks are subject to last minute changes due to the weather.  Please ensure you are fully equipped for any conditions.  The return times are estimates, which can be rather vague in inclement conditions.  If any walk is cancelled early enough the details will appear on the website, usually the home page.  Otherwise a decision will be made at the normal meeting time.


The absence of a date does NOT mean that nothing will be programmed.

I am scheduling some climbing and abseiling sessions, starting off in Drimmie Wood for confidence boosters.  May also visit Kirrie Quarry which will be climbing.


And starting to plan dates for camping expeds!


Date Location NGR km Asc Dep Rtn LGE
27 February   Cairn Corse/Corwharn NO287648 10.8 448 09:30 15:30 14.2
6 March   TBA       09:30    
Thur 8 March International Women's Day Badandun Hill - linear (book on separate sheet)   8 485  09:30  15:00app   
10 March   TBA       09:30    
17 March TBA       09:30    
24 March   TBA       09:30    
31 March   TBA       09:30    
 23 April   Camping Cockbridge - Gainrshiel         24 April  
28 April   Community Market            

10 - 12 May


  Arran 3 TBC       TBC 12 May TBC  
26 May   Community Market            
30 May - 3 June   Angus Walking Festival       09:30    
16 June ?   Alyth Show            
23 June   Community Market            
14 July ?   Kirrie Show            
28 July   Community Market            
12 Aug?   Ale Festival            
25 August   Community Market            
2 Sept?   Blair Highland Games            
8 Sept M McL last Munro Ben Mor (Mull) (3rd round) 7-9 Sept?    
14 - 16 Sept   Blairgowrie Walking Festival          
22 September   Community Market            


20 February Hill of Adenaich NO304652 8.3 353 09:30 14:30 10.9
13 February   Glen Markie (last rebait) NO239656 13.2 377 09:30 16:15 16.7
30 January   Glen Markie NO239656 13.2 377 09:30 16:15 16.7
16 January Mowat's Seat NO476679 10 402 09:30 15:15 12.5
9 January Cairn of Barns  NO322711 8.9 465 09:30 15:30 11.6 
2 January   Glen Markie NO239656 16.3 377 09:30 16:15 16.7



A limited number of Ice Axes (6.00 per day) and Crampons (7.50 per day) are available for loan.  Your boots must be at least 4 season standard and fairly stiff, with a good tread.  Lightweight fabric 2 or 3 season boots are NOT suitable.  You will be given training in using this equipment. 


The Very Strenuous (V)  walks will be arduous and will include significant steep and rough ground both up as well as down and a high degree of fitness, confidence and commitment will be needed.  The charge per walk for these will be 8 per person, and may vary depending on the distance travelled, subject to agreement.  The charge for the 'normal' Strenuous walks remains at 5 per person.


The cut off point for changing from normal Tuesday strenuous walks to the Very Strenuous is relatively arbitrary and defines a step change in degree of exertion required, the limits are based on overall ascents of over 800m and a 'level ground equivalence' of 25.  Apart from the length, height and more challenging ground what adds to the difficulty is the travel time away from home.  But some Very Strenuous walks are easier than others, please discuss with me before committing yourself.  More information is available on the fitness note which is relevant reading for those aspiring to do the Very Strenuous walks.



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