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Advanced Walks (Tuesdays) 2018



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Nick Cole (except where stated)

Eskielawn, Glas Maol and Creag Leacach (compare with last week)   20/3/18

   180deg panorama from Mount Blair on left.   20/3/18

   Eskielawn trip.   20/3/18

   Eskielawn trip.   20/3/18   Mike Brunton

   Who is this handsome and rugged fellow on Glas Maol?   13/3/18   Liz Chisholm

   On the summit cairn Glas Maol.   13/3/18   Mike Brunton

   Disappearing into the mist.   13/3/18   Mike Brunton

   Glas Maol.   13/3/18

   That is a trig point!   13/3/18

   Glas Maol 13/3/18

   And the sun tried to come out as we got back to the minibus - as usual!   13/3/18

   Glenmarkie   6/3/18

   A herd of deer on the side of Corwharn, and not an antler in sight!   27/2/18

  On the way up Corwharn.   27/2/18

   Mayar, Driesh etc from Corwharn (now just a Marilyn).   27/2/18

   Hill of Adenaich.   20/2/18

   The rounded hill is Glas Maol.  We were looking through Glen Isla into Caenlochan Glen.   20/2/18

   A bit more gentle today, (took an hour longer).  Lots of interesting photos, too many for here but a small selection on the Interesting page.  Pine Martens, juvenile cats, and a definitely feral one, not even a hybrid.   Deep powder snow made it hard work, going in, but the trench worked great for coming back out.   13/2/18

   A bit of a forced march today.  At Army Combat Fitness Test pace (for under 30yo), for 8 miles.  Well done and all managed it.  Not bad at our age.  Inspecting camera traps with varied results.   30/1/18

   Dirnanean and Enochdu from An Lairig.   23/1/18

   Gleann Taitneach.   23/1/18

   Mowat's Seat, Glen Trusta.   16/1/18

   Mowat's Seat, Glen Trusta.   16/1/18

   Mowat's Seat, Glen Trusta.   16/1/18

   Mowat's Seat, Glen Trusta.   16/1/18

   Somewhere above Glen Clova.   9/1/18

   A stunning view from Carn of Barns.   9/1/18

   Glen Taitney.   2/1/18

   Glen Taitney.   2/1/18

   Glen Markie.   2/1/18


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