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Moderate Walks (Thursdays) 2017



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Nick Cole (except where stated)

   Souvenirs, without bells!   7/12/17   Hanne Anton

   Glen Isla from Lindalla Hill.   7/12/17

   Duchray Hill (where we were Tuesday) from Lindalla Hill.   7/12/17

   Loch Shandra.   7/12/17

   Elevenses at Loch Mharaich.   30/11/17

   Loch Mharaich, not thick enough to walk on (I tried!).   30/11/17

   No not a black and white photo, but coming down a steep slope in a high light contrast location in the shade of trees!   30/11/17

   Farmed red deer at Horniehaugh.   23/11/17

   On the side of Benscravie for lunch.   23/11/17

   Loch Charles.  No not Charlie's Loch.   16/11/17

   Fallow Deer doe and fawn.   16/11/17

   Coming down the 'path'.   16/11/17

   Lindertis Estate.   9/11/17

   Lindertis Estate   9/11/17

   Loch Lee from Cairn Robie, after the cloud lifted.   19/10/17

   Like something out of Quatermass (for those of a certain age who remember), a cloud crawling over the hill.   19/10/17

   Just to prove it was sunny(ish) and dry.   19/10/17

   A HUGE Scots Pine, in Muirward Wood.  Estimated at in excess of 40m (app 40deg at 50m from base).   12/10/17  In 2011 this was recorded at 31m with the biggest girth of any Scots Pine in UK.  Update 19/10/17

   Panorama from Tavern Wood north.  Spanning L to R, Crochan and Middle Hills (w of Glenshee (Braan)),  Glenshee Hill, Moine Folaich, Glen Garr, Obney Hills, King Seat, Deuchary Hill, Glas Tulaichean, Glas Maol, Mount Blair, Cat Law, etc.   5/10/17

  Now this is where we are, and where we have to go, so if we steal the ladder.......   5/10/17

   Loch Shandra.  28/9/17

   Auchintaple Loch.   28/9/17

   At the cairn near the Pitcarmick loop from Kirkmichael.   6/7/17

   We were debating whether a large scat was from a bird or a fox, given the white aspects, Charlie was examining something else!   6/7/17

  At least there was a roof, I wouldn't like to describe the floor.   29/6/17

   Yet another river crossing, this time in the rain!   29/6/17

   Glen Mark river crossing, essential to get towards Balnamoon's Cave.   22/6/17

   Pat Lumsden

   The gang on Hill of Rowan.   15/6/17

   On the banks of the North Esk.   15/6/17

   The alternative to travelling 2 miles back upstream when just across from the bus and the bridge is barricaded!   15/6/17

   Wee Caldron.   8/6/17

   View south from platform.   8/6/17

   Deil's Caldron.   8/6/17

   View from a tree top.  I saw this the last tome we were here and they wouldn't let me climb up.  This time I did, but the leaves obscured the view of Kelty.   25/5/17 

   Bluebells on Harran Hill in Fife.   25/5/17

   At last a gorse free way to Southballo Hill!   18/5/17

   A different view of Gask Hill.   18/5/17

   Loch's Wharral, Brandy and the Ben Tirran ridge.   4/5/17

   Gella Bridge in the sun.   4/5/17

   Casualty of a marauding gull, which couldn't fly off with its booty and abandoned on the river bank.   4/5/17

   On Gask Hill, with Bonny Dundee in the background.   27/4/17

   North from Franklyden Hill with the Beinn a Ghlo range in the far distance.   20/4/17

   On Franklyden hill.   20/4/17

   Rocks of Solitude.  Just look at the height of the flood debris!   13/4/17

   The folly tower of the Burn House Estate.   13/4/17

   Strelitz Wood.  Not really Wednesday material!   6/4/17

   Five Mile Wood, near Stanley.   30/3/17

   Five Mile Wood, near Stanley, and no we don't just go out for multiple picnics!   30/3/17

   The waterfall in Corrie Fee.   16/2/17

   Corrie Fee.   16/2/17

   Elevenses out of the wind.   9/2/17

   Clearing up in time for lunch.   9/2/17

  Lunch on Craigowl Hill, out of the wind.   2/2/17

   Hug a Marilyn!   Craigowl Hill.   2/2/17

   Glas Tulaichean from near Auchintaple Loch.   26/1/17

   Glen Beanie from near Auchintaple Loch.   26/1/17


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