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Advanced Walks (Tuesdays) 2017



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Nick Cole (except where stated)

   Partially frozen Loch Beanie.   5/12/17

   On top of Duchray Hill (Mealna Letter, {Meall na Leitir} meaning hill of the slope).   5/12/17

   Strath Tay in the mist.   22/11/17

   Mill Dam.   22/11/17

   Even the guinea fowl were sheltering!   22/11/17

   Badandun Hill.   14/11/17

   Monaga Hill and Caenlochan Glen.   14/11/17

   Above Fergus in Glen Isla.   14/11/17

   Gleann Taitneach.   7/11/17

   River crossing #1.  Knee deep for most, thigh deep for one and calf deep for another.  Not everyone was prepared!   7/11/17

   River crossing #2.  Easy this time and only 6 inches deep in a few places too, though some decided not to risk it.   7/11/17

   Sgor Gaibhre (left of the centre hill), Ben Alder (right of the centre hill) both in the distance.   11/7/17

   Down into Glen Lyon.   11/7/17

   Ben Lawers and Meall Corrainach from the north (where we were last week!).   11/7/17

   A river (well burn) crossing and not a river crossing!   11/7/17

   Meall Corranaich.   4/7/17

   Beinn Ghlas.   4/7/17

   They chickened out on climbing the cairn.   26/6/17

   On Beinn Mholach, camping exped 26 (silver).   26/6/17

   Ben MacDui, Braeriach, Cairn Toul, (and other lesser hills) from Creag nan Gabhar.   20/6/17

   Ben Avon from Glen Callater.   20/6/17

   Elie Chain Walk.   13/6/17

   There are 3 ladies and a stile across the fence in the mist, and rain and wind!   16/5/17

   It is raining in Glen Doll.   16/5/17

  On Cir Mhor (l), and Caisteal Abhail (r).   12/5/17

   Caisteal Abhail from the east ridge and our descent to Ceum na Caillich.   12/5/17

   I can understand the girls lying on Naked Tam, but Mike?  I kept my hands in my pockets!   2/5/17

Looking down on everybody from St Arnold's Seat cairn, which is the 5697th highest peak in the British Isles and the 4060th tallest in Scotland.   2/5/17

Glas Maol & Creag Leacach An Socach The gang
The Beinn a Ghlo range Glas Tulaichean Glen Shee




Mike Brunton

Ben Mor, Stob Binnein, and Ben Lawers Welcoming Committee  

   Lurking in the woods was a group of ramblers (not Ramblers!).   11/4/17

   The 'mountains' of Fife (the Paps) from an unusual (for us) angle.   11/4/17

   Loch Ore Country Park.   4/4/17

   Loch Ore Country Park.   4/4/17

  An interesting line of beech trees near Spittalfield.   28/3/17

  The waymarker was a bit misleading, that is someone's garden!   28/3/17

   Unaccosted this time!  It wasn't this bridge I as thinking of, but one further upstream opposite Persie.   21/2/17

   Having a snack in the trees.   21/2/17

   Upper Glen Shee, Ben Gulabin and Glen Lochsie from Creag na Bruaich (577m).   14/2/17

   On Creag na Bruaich, Glen Shee.  Despite being past it on dozens of occasions we have never actually been up here before!   14/2/17

   A damp elevenses at Glentairie.   31/1/17

   View across to Whitefield castle across Strathardle from Loch Curran.   24/1/17

   Lunch at the boat house.   24/1/17


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